Free to be You and Me (2009)

Book, Music and Lyrics by
Marlo Thomas and Friends

Directed by
Maggie Ryan
Musical Direction by
Duane Bridges
Choreography by
Katy Noetzel

Free to be You and Me (2009)

Marlo Thomas conceived a children’s book that, instead of telling boys and girls who they should be, would open them to the possibilities of who they could be. She gathered many of her supremely talented friends from various worlds of the arts and the remarkable result is highly regarded as a modern classic of children’s literature. Life-enhancing themes are imaginatively blended with music and humor to expand children’s personal horizons, enabling them to invent their own futures without limitation, while dispelling some old constraints and worn-out conventions in the process. Parents, teachers and other grown-up friends will delight in sharing this extraordinary and memorable experience with the children in their lives.


    Adam Hunn

    Amanda Jerry

    Lizzie Maassen

    Matt Redmond

    Caroline Amos

    Theresa Kelly

    Marylynne Pabello

    Audrey Pennington

    Jacob Winslow

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June 8-25, 2017

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