To Kill a Mockingbird (2012)

Book By
Harper Lee
Dramatized by
Christopher Sergel

Directed by
Tom Martin

To Kill a Mockingbird (2012)


    Amy Loui*
    Jean Louise Finch

    Lillian Rose Orchard

    Braden Phillips

    Bruce Longworth*
    Atticus Finch

    Thomasina Clarke

    Tommy Nolan
    Maudie Atkinson

    Sally Eaton
    Stephanie Crawford

    Donna Weinsting
    Mrs. Dubose

    Charles Heuvelman
    Nathan Radley

    Justin Ivan Brown
    Arthur (Boo) Radley/Mr. Gilmer

    Charlie B. Southern

    Whit Reichert*
    Sheriff Heck Tate

    Joneal Joplin*
    Judge Taylor/Walter Cunningham

    Don McClendon
    Reverend Sykes

    Colleen Backer
    Mayella Ewell

    Kyle Powell
    Tom Robinson

    Candice Jeanine
    Helen Robinson

    Andrew Moton

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June 8-25, 2017

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