Final Weekend for Inherent the Wind

This weekend brings Insight Theatre Company’s production of the classic Inherent the Wind to its conclusion. Here are a view quotes from what others are saying about the performance.

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“Insight’s production is bristling with energy, strong opinions, and compelling, captivating performances. The company and director Sydnie Grosberg Ranga increase tensions and ensure the play is all the more thought provoking by avoiding caricature or soapbox campaigning (beyond what’s written in Jerome Lawrence and Robert Edwin Lee’s well-constructed, historically supported script).”


“Kyra Bishop’s scenic design captures the era and a stuffy courtroom during a hot summer, with Sean Savoie’s lighting design setting the time of day and the period well. Brett Harness’s sound design modulated the proceedings so one could hear the dialogue sizzle. Tracey Newcomb-Margave duplicated the look of the times.

This play is 51 years old, but remains a powerful force in art.”

– Belleville News-Democrat

“Young Howard Blair, playing a student of the science teacher, carries off without flaw his turn in the witness chair. It’s a large cast, with much of the second act’s jury played by audience members who volunteered to be brought onstage wearing a few accessories of the period. It’s surprisingly smoothly done, and fits right in with the very workable set from Kyra Bishop and Oliver Littleton.”

– St. Louis Eats

“Director Sydnie Grosberg Ronga handled the large cast well as she moved them on and off in groups several times across the wings jutting out through the audience. The on stage action is tense and she brought the dramatic tension out with a masterful touch. Kyra Bishop designed the almost laid back but quite efficient set which made good use of just a few scene changes. Sean Savoie’s lights added to the mood and Tracey Newcomb-Margave costumed the show appropriately.”

Stage Door St. Louis


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