Insight Theatre Company Presents “Inherit the Wind”

inherit the wind poster finalInsight Theatre Company is proud to present one of the most outstanding dramas of our time Inherit the Wind. Bert Cates a 1920’s schoolteacher is put on trial for violating the Butler Act, a state law that prohibits public school teachers from teaching evolution instead creationism. Rachel Brown who is Cates girlfriend is also the daughter of Reverend Brown is torn between the opposing beliefts held by Cates and her father and her love for both of them.

Inherit the Wind was written by Jerome Lawrence and Robert Edwin Lee and made its stage debut in 1955. The story fictionalizes the 1925 Scopes “Monkey” Trial as a way to discuss the then-contemporary McCarthy trials. The debate over creationism versus evolution still exits today and will spark conversation and insight into the topic.

“Sharing Insights” is a Q&A talk back session after each performance with members of the cast and crew.

August 12-28

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