Becky’s New Car (2011)

Book by
Steven Dietz

Directed by
Tlaloc Rivas

Becky’s New Car (2011)

Insight Theatre Company is pleased to announce the St. Louis premiere of Becky’s New Car by American playwright Steven Dietz which begins production on June 9, 2011 at the Heagney Theatre, 530 East Lockwood on the campus of Nerinx Hall High School in Webster Groves. The original 2008 press notes for Becky’s New Car read: “Ever been tempted to flee your own life? Then you can sympathize with Becky, who soldiers through her not-quite-satisfying existence with unnervingly familiar quiet desperation. When a socially inept millionaire falls for her at first sight, he offers her nothing short of a new life.” Insight’s production of Becky’s New Car will feature Susie Wall in the starring role of Dietz’s heroine, Becky Foster, who leads a typical working class life with her roofer husband Joe (Jerry Russo). Becky is committed to her dull, stale marriage but overly devoted to her job at a local car dealership. When millionaire Walter Flood (John Contini), appears at the dealership one day and assumes her to be widowed—and she doesn’t correct him—Becky begins to lead a double life that soon spins out of control. Also included in the cast of characters are Scott McMaster as Becky’s 26 year old son, Chris, who’s still living at home and majoring in psychology. Lauren Meyer plays Kenni, the millionaire’s daughter. Ron Haglof is Steve, one of Becky’s co-workers, and Tommy Nolan plays Walter’s single neighbor, Ginger. Director Tlaloc Rivas is a newcomer to Insight Theatre Company and says, “Steven Dietz has a knack for creating complex, fine-tuned plays with a lot of heart. Becky’s New Car is a modern-day comedy of manners with pitch-perfect wit. I look forward to putting the show in gear with our dynamic, talented St. Louis cast.” Designers in the St. Louis premiere of Becky’s New Car include Kevin Kline winner Sean Savoie (Sets & Lights) and Felia Davenport (Costumes). Mike Heinicke is the resident technical director, and Jamie Owen is the stage manager.


    Susie Wall*
    Becky Foster

    John Contini*
    Walter Flood

    Jerry Russo*
    Joe Foster

    Scott McMaster
    Chris Foster

    Lauren Meyer
    Kenni Flood

    Tommy Nolan

    Ron Haglof

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