Twelfth Night (2009)

Written by
William Shakespeare

Music Composed by
Duane Bridges

Current Production

TWELFTH NIGHT, Or What You Will ” is a delightful comedy featuring memorable lines, and action that evokes smiles and laughter mixed with moments of some thoughtful reflection. It is a romance that includes three couples that find themselves deeply in love and ready to marry by the end of the play. There are ,of course,mix-ups, disguises, and even some foolery that set the fun loving tone.

Insight Theatre Company’s production particularly emphasizes the idea that appears in the opening line of the play: “If music be the food of love, play on!” Original music composed by Duane Bridges particularly for this production highlights the production as actors sing, dance and celebrate the post Christmas season. Don’t miss this festive celebration!

Information about the Title:

Twelfth Night ” is the twelfth night after Christmas, the last night of what used to be the extended period of celebration of the Christmas season. It marks the boundary between the time for games and disguises and the business of the workaday world. The second part of the title: “What you Will,” suggests that this play gives us a world that we would all choose (“Will”) to enjoy if we could”.(from …Folger Shakespeare’s Library Edition)

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