Fox Performing Arts Foundation
The Leigh Gerdine College of Fine Arts, Webster University
Marsha Mason
Missouri Arts Council
Nerinx Hall
Regional Arts Commission
Jim and Maggie Ryan
Phil and Mary Schenkenberg
Dr. and Mrs. Richard B. Whiting

Joan and Ed Burtelow
Jeff and Linda Caul
Cyrano’s Café
The Pasta House
Janet and Jack Pirozzi
Peter and Alice Sargent
Stephen and Julie Sheridan
Laura Spencer
Stolz Printing
Kim and Sharon Tucci
Dr. Robert and Ann Zink

Arts & Education Council
Big Sky Café
Carol Colligan and Gabriel Mary Hoare, S.L.
Kathleen Delpha
Laura Geiser
Gina Heagney and Jim Tobin
Wayne and Tuck Loui
Tommy Nolan
Elizabeth and C. Baxter Southern III
Troy Turnipseed and Chris Hargrove
Susie Wall

Marty and Dennis Balfe
Karl Wilson and Barbara Bennett
Hazel Forster
Will and Ann Lee Konneker
Jack and Mary LaBarge
Amy Loui
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Martin
Dr. Michael and Mary Noetzel
Pi Pizzeria
Ed and Mary Dee Schmidt
Linda Sharpe-Taylor
Maurita E. Stueck
Lara Teeter
Joan and John Vatterott

Al and Bea Amato
Robert and Patricia Amburgey
Art and Linda Behrens
Mary Bickel
Ruth Bryant
Joyce Bytnar
Joseph and Linda Cavato
David Copeland
Tom and Chris Eschen
Marti and Bob Fowler
Winston and Elaine Gifford
Brian Hammond and Barb Mecker
Kathy Hanrahan
Laura Hanson
Joneal and Janie Joplin
Roger and Jan McCurley
Susan Neal
Sharon O’Neal-Oakes
Bill and Diane Otten
Jeff and Jamie Ryan
Jenni Ryan
Ted and Angela Ryan
Tim Ryan
Georgia Scheppner
William and Harriet Scholle
Jack and Vicki Sharp
Lisa Sinton
Bob and Maria Sweney
Roger and Joni Tackette
John Walsh
Janet Wells

Mollie Amburgey
Elliot Auch
Jeremy Auch
Sam Auch
Ilene and Brice Bloom-Ellis
Bob and Judy Casanova
Colleen Caul
Glen Caul
Katie Caul
Kellie Caul and Norm Ellingsen
Citizen Kane Restaurant
Anita Cohn, MSW
Sheila Cova
Paul DeGrosa
Dewey’s Pizza
Dixon Financial
Rob and Lisa Dixon
Malcolm Duffy
Emily Edgell
Jim and Jennifer Farmer
Agnes and Dave Garino
Dan Glazer and Nancy Snow
Lana Hagan
Tim and Elizabeth Hampton
Meghan Hanrahan
Cathy Hartrich
Richard and Lynn Hill
Lynn Jegle
Deke and Roanne Karzon
Alicia and Scott Kerr
Mary Knief
Liz and Steve McDonald
Ann McReynolds
David Meyer
Jason Meyer and Clarissa Schuller-Meyer
Michael Murphy
Michael Murray
Tom and Stacy Murray
Jeff and Kim Pirozzi
Mark and Denise Pirozzi
Ali Ragsdale
In Memory of Rosalind Russell and Greer Garson
Lee Quackenbush
Sam’s Club
Elizabeth Sharpe-Taylor
Barbara Thomas
Judy Tindell
Todd and Susan Vasel
Bob and Carol Wojta
Joan Wolchansky
Robert Willis

As of May 15, 2014

We sincerely thank all of the above donors for their support of Insight Theatre. While every effort is made to properly acknowledge our supporters, please do not hesitate to let us know if there are any corrections.